3 Questions Managers Should Ask Themselves Each Morning

As a manager, your job often extends far beyond the job description.

Beyond juggling your calendar, and your own workload, you also have to be prepared to step up to the following:

  • Cheerleader

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Therapist

  • Cat Herder

  • Paper Pusher

  • Auditor… we could go on, and on, and on…

Most leaders today find themselves overwhelmed by their day-to-day duties. A 2017 study by Mercer found that only half of managers and leaders feel they have enough time to do a quality job.

If you know you aren’t performing at 100%, what are you doing to change that?

In a world where we're constantly connected and burnout is rampant, it's no surprise that self-care and self-reflection have become hot topics. But let's not forget about ourselves in the midst of all this. Instead of focusing solely on others, perhaps it's time to invest a little time in our own self-improvement at the office.

Now, of course, we know that’s easier said than done! So let’s start small, with a few simple questions:

1. Have I set myself up for success today?

It sounds cheesy, but so many days are ruined before they even get started. Impossible meeting schedules and task lists make anyone feel frazzled. If you are feeling overwhelmed before you’ve even started, take a step back. Take a look at your calendar and your to-do list and strip it down to what’s critical for today. You've already ordered the latest suggested organization gadgets and trays from Amazon, but what about organizing your day? Protect your time and block off time to get necessary tasks completed. Define your finish line before you get started.

2. Am I leading by example?

The easiest way to be a better manager is to follow your own rules - practice what you preach! Whether it’s punctuality, transparency, recognition, or honesty, think about what you value in your employees and make sure you’re meeting their expectations as their manager. If your values and actions align, the impacts will automatically reverberate through your team.

3. Is there anything I need to communicate with my team today?

Communication is vital in any organization, but sometimes leaders unintentionally overlook its importance. In the midst of our busy schedules, it's easy to move on to the next task without sharing the necessary information. Take a moment each day to ask yourself, "Is there something I should be sharing?" It could be as simple as an insightful article or acknowledging someone's achievements that went unnoticed. By taking a few minutes to reflect, you can ensure that your team has the information they need to excel in their work. This not only improves communication but also makes you more approachable as a manager. Remember, effective communication is the key to success in any team dynamic.

The manager-employee relationship is no different from any other relationship - it's important to prioritize self-care and look out for the well-being of both parties involved! Self-reflection and personal growth are crucial but remember not to be too tough on yourself. After all, we're all a work in progress!

What tips and tricks do you have for avoiding burnout in the workplace?

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