Product Update: Enhanced Assessment Experience

The Echovate assessment is getting a little glow-up! Here’s a sneak peek at the changes you can expect in your Echovate account next week.

1. Updated User Experience

At Echovate, we know that when we look good, your organization looks even better! So we had our design team overhaul the applicant and team member experience with a modern and polished twist. When you access your new link, you’ll notice:

  • A new font that’s easier on the eyes
  • Added iconography for improved question clarity
  • A streamlined account creation process

2. Mobile-First Design

While you’ve always been able to access the Echovate assessment from your mobile device, our team poured some extra love into the mobile experience to make sure the login, questions, and reports look perfect from any device.


3. Improved Echovate Report

We know that this is the update your applicants and team members will be the most excited about. We’ve revamped our reporting to include:

  • Graphics that are easier to comprehend
  • Narratives that are attached to each attribute
  • More detailed information so your people can learn and grow



What will happen if I still have my old Echovate links embedded in emails or applications?
Your old Echovate links will never expire. However, they won’t be able to access the new experience until you make the swap.

Will this affect how my people are scored in my Echovate dashboard?
No, all of our questions, science, and scoring will remain the same.

Where will I be able to find my new links?
Starting next week (2/14/2022) you’ll be able to find your updated links by clicking the “Invite” button or navigating to the “My Organization” page from the right menu.

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