Echovate’s Interview Inspiration Series: Competition

Everyone has the best of intentions when they jump into an interview - because hiring is a BIG deal - but the reality is that often we aren’t as fully prepared as we’d like to be as an interviewer.

It takes time to create thoughtful, meaningful interview questions that actually offer insights. All too often, we jump on that Zoom pull up their resume, and wing it if we are being honest with ourselves. 

That’s why we are starting our Interview Inspiration Series here at Echovate! We’ll share questions that you can add to your arsenal, so you don’t fall back on those stale, boring to-go questions you’ve been leaning on for years. We’ll share new questions and helpful tips on how to leverage them in an interview setting. 

Interview Question #1

Do you think competition is a positive or negative component in the workplace?

Competitive environments aren’t necessarily something you might think about bringing up during an interview process. Certain roles are generally more competitive, like sales, but all teams find some balance between competition and collaboration. 

This question is a great way to find out if this person would be comfortable with your current team’s culture. If you have an extremely collaborative team, having a negative opinion of competition might be a better fit. This individual will likely thrive in a setting where team accomplishments are valued over individual achievements. On the other hand, if your team loves having a leaderboard and racing towards their goals, you might want to look for someone who thinks a little friendly competition is a plus. 

Like many interview questions, there isn’t a right or wrong answer. However, it’s a great way to get a feel for the team dynamic this person is looking for. Skills are important, but interviews are a great time to evaluate how an individual will fit on a team. It’s not an easy job, but creative interview questions like this one will help you better understand the interviewee and their motivations. 

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