White Paper: Employee Retention in Healthcare

How The Demand For Talent Is Shaping The Future Of Patient Care

Healthcare jobs will be among the fastest-growing in the United States through 2026, accounting for about 2.3 million new jobs, according to projections released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

More than half of new jobs, about 1.6 million combined - will come from personal care aides, home health aides, and the nursing field. According to Mercer’s recent healthcare market analysis, the demand for nurse practitioners will jump 30% by 2025, and there will be an even greater demand for home health aides at 32%.

If you are an emerging healthcare professional, these are awesome statistics. An abundance of opportunity and a secure job market is on the horizon for you. As for the rest of us… the outlook isn’t quite so optimistic. The truth is that our population as a whole is getting older, sicker, and more sedentary. The overwhelming consensus is that there simply won’t be enough people to take care of those who need it. It isn’t just speculation - these are facts.

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